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Clear Signal Products, LLC. is a privately owned amateur radio company since 1998. The “Coaxman” is a registered trademark of Clear Signal Products, LLC. We are located in the Oklahoma City metro area. We serve all parts of the nation from a central shipping local and will ship your order anywhere in the USA and Canada. We charge only the shipping cost…no handling fees!

The “Coaxman” features a complete “Wireman” line of coaxial cables and antenna wire. Order Wireman’s PN 106, double shielded Low-Loss Super 8 coax for HF, VHF and UHF applications. It’s stranded, super flexible, rotatable and the standard of the low-loss coax industry. We have no minimums on our coaxial cables. Buy only what you need. Our coaxial cables and Baluns are made in the USA.  

Our accessories are all of Certified Quality (CQ) selected and tested for their durability and exceptional performance as expected by amateur and commercial radio operators alike.  

We construct coaxial cables assemblies with requested connectors, any length to your specifications, soldered and tested in our shop for continuity. See our coax cable assembly listing of lengths and prices on this website.

Clear Signal Products is scheduled and can be seen at amateur radio Ham Fests and trade shows in Division 5 States. Review our Ham Fest calendar on this web site for a Ham Fest near you.

We invite you to visit and browse our web site catalog. Call and ask questions. We’ll go the extra mile for you. We all benefit from exceptional station performance and we are ready to assist you in any way.


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